I am not sure where to put this, so for the time being it is being placed here. Sade's music has been used in five films of which I am aware. They are listed below:

Absolute Beginners: The film and soundtrack that was released from it contain a non-album track from Sade. It is called Killer Blow. The Lady herself performs it on-screen in the film albeit the on-screen band is not the band Sade.

Indecent Proposal: The song No Ordinary Love appears in the film. It does not appear on the soundtrack release however.

Philadelphia: The song Please Send Me Someone To Love appears in this film. The song is included on the soundtrack release. This was originally a non-album cut. However it was subsequently included on the release The Best of Sade.

Sea of Love: The instrumental Sade song Siempre Hay Esperanza appears in the film when Al Pacino meets Ellen Barkin in a grocery store late at night. Fits in quite well with the terrific score by Trevor Jones. This song does not appear on the soundtrack release.

True Lies: The song I Never Thought I'd See The Day appears in this film. It accompanies a wonderful on-screen striptease that Jamie Lee Curtis does for Arnold Schwarzenegger. This song does not appear on the soundtrack release.